24 hour security services in UK

1. Security Guards
We provide SIA trained and certified manned guarding for the Construction Industry, Vacant buildings, Warehouses, Private houses and Offices. Our experienced and professional guards protect people, property and assets against unauthorised access or occupation, outbreaks of disorder, as well as damage and theft.

2. Mobile Patrol
Our mobile patrols allow spot checks without alerting would be intruders, clocking points are placed on site and detailed reports given to our clients. Our patrollers are SIA Licensed and are trained to recognize any incident immediately and act accordingly.

3. Concierge
We provide concierge security for Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Offices and Residential Apartments. Our professional and friendly personnel ensure that all your guests and staff remain secure and comfortable. We can tailor a package to your needs and requirements.

4. Access Control
Beta Security Solutions is a leader in the field of next-generation access control. We specialise in biometric digital fingerprint & facial recognition systems as well as full height, half height and fast track turnstiles. If your business or home consists of a single door in a single building or multiple doors into multiple buildings or locations, Suprema Bio will address your access control requirements – including time and attendance identity management applications that will increase security, calculate accurate staff Payroll & help reduce overall costs.
Biometric access control systems only allows recognised & pre-authorised individuals entry to an area by inspecting human physical characteristics that are unique to each and every individual on the planet.

5. Events Security
Our qualified crowd security officers integrate seamlessly with event organisers, concert promoters, local authorities and venue managers to plan, manage and deliver the crowd management, security and other associated aspects of the event. Beta Security Solutions deliver an industry leading service utilising our trained and licensed personnel, assisted at larger events by a team of very dedicated managers and supervisors.